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Here at PYRE, we settle for nothing less than premium quality equipment, and sound. We are equipped with proper acoustic treatment from Auralex, monitoring solutions from Barefoot Sound, and Genelec, audio interface from Universal Audio as well as many plugins and industry standard software such as Logic Pro X, Pro Tools Ultimate HD, Ableton Live 10 Suite, and Presonus Studio 1.


What Can PYRE Records do for YOUR record?


Does your track have the sound but lack the mix? Do you feel your music is missing that industry standard width and depth? Consider our mixing services to give your music the sonic clarity it deserves today!


Do you have an absolute certified slapper but needs that volume and the ability to maintain the dynamic range? We here at PYRE will master your track using high end analog emulation from Universal Audio as well as follow strict Loudness units FULL SCALE or LUFS measurements as well as master your music for all platforms without distortion!

Artist Branding 

Do you have a wicked style and a collection of music but have no clue where to take your online presence as well as graphics? Let us handle your entire brand that will match your music! Arguable the most important part of any artist or company's ability to market themselves is their branding! Let us put a face to the name!

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We Want You!


We are constantly on the hunt for new artists to release music with us, we would love if you submitted a demo for us to hear! This is a snap shot of the lovely DJM Tour 1 and NXS2 players from Pioneer DJ we have in our studio! Here is the video BELOW as well for the unboxing and demonstration OF THE TOUR MIXER courtesy of HECC and his full set of unreleased music!

The email we would like demos sent to is ; pyrerecords@gmail.com